Welcome to   Formerly ..BeachCustoms.com.. I apologize for my new Website being still under construction. However, I’m excited to be continuing to bring you some of the hottest, most detailed and dynamic paint mask kits ever sold on the market. I take great pride in being the #1 company in the world in designing and making custom paint masks kits. These masks are very easy to use. Simply follow the steps that will be added to this website and you'll have it mastered in no time. No matter what size clear lexan racing bodies you paint on, HO scale,  24th scale, RC and up, My kits are 2nd to none and will help you make the hardest paint jobs you’ve ever tried to create, both easier and much faster.. If I haven’t made it, just contact me and I’ll make a custom order to suit your needs.

 You can also get your companies logo made to fit the race bodies of your choice.

 Please Email me on how I can contact you and, a brief message of what you’re looking for and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

 Don't forget to tell your friends about the Beach Customs website. Ill be displaying galleries with some of the sharpest paint schemes you'll ever see. All photos have been made with my paint mask kits. Inside you'll find out how to buy my kits and learn to use them. This site includes tutorials illustrating how you can create beautiful paint schemes using the same masks. If you have any questions on using my kits, please contact me and I'll be more than happy to help you all I can.

 I'll also be traveling to different tracks around the east coast. Offering free seminars and giving you great discounts on many of my products. I’ll be showing you first hand different painting techniques to enable you to get the best results from using my paint mask kits. I’m looking forward to introducing myself and helping you achieve the Hottest paint jobs that you've ever made.


Please hurry back and check out my website often for this site will be updating regularly.

Remember to spread the news!